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A vision-based platform designed to enhance driver safety within the commercial vehicle market. Driveri™ focuses on identifying, recognizing and rewarding positive driver performance. The platform was developed to capture every moment of the driving experience, delivering stronger value to each driver, fleet manager, and your fleet’s bottom line.


We believe in empowering fleet managers with meaningful data that helps recognize (and reward!) driver productivity and progress.


We believe drivers are your business’s most important asset. That’s why we’ve created a driver-first program, GreenZone™, to provide fleet managers with a holistic view of their drivers’ daily routes. GreenZone™ uses an amalgamation of positive driving event-tracking, fostering respect, relationships and recognition.


It is composed of an intelligent mobile video analytics device and a robust cloud-based fleet safety management center. The device capabilities are unparalleled and include:

  • Dedicated Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning TeraFLOP processor
  • Quad HD cameras offering 360 degree field of view
  • High data bandwidth, low latency 4G LTE module

The reasoning and causality of everyday events like following distance, ‘stale’ traffic lights, and the action of other vehicles on the road are computed at the vehicle level, delivering information that is timely and meaningful.

GreenZone™ was developed to highlight your driver’s great driving. Historically, ‘safety scores’ only focus on negative events, which tend to create an adversary relationship between drivers and fleet managers. The GreenZone™ driver score allows fleets to recognize their drivers with confidence – knowing that safe driving is truly safe driving.

GreenZone™ ‘Urgent’ Notification

Accidents are inevitable, the faster your team assembles, the better the chances are that your driver and your fleet will be protected. GreenZone™ generates High gForce alerts helping to expedite your team's response.

GreenZone™ ‘Performance’ Notification

GreenZone™ monitors daily driving and notifies the fleet when a driver has reached a milestone, allowing the fleet manger to recognize great driving with confidence.

GreenZone™ ‘Attention’ Notification

In situations where at-risk driving is detected an alert is generated. Fleet managers have the opportunity to intervene and reset the driver's day before they experience a critical event.

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