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Creating Solutions to real world problems using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Technologies

Commercial Vehicles

Designed to protect your most valuable assets: your driver and your vehicle. Netradyne’s approach in using video based analytics captures the most complete view of the driving environment. The result is actionable data that enables improved ROI:

  • Positive driving reinforcement
  • Improved driver retention
  • Reduced fleet liability
  • Timeliness of data

Technology Innovation

Deep learning is transforming the field of vision based machine learning. The depth and expertise within our technology centers continues to push the boundaries of this emerging field. Our world class team of computer scientists are focused on the development of key Intellectual Property in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, and predictive analytics. They work closely with a veteran global product team to commercialize these inventions.

Driveri provides end to end software solutions for crowd sourced video analytics, along with deep learning based analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to form generalizations and improve the systems ability to detect and alert future behavior and incidents
Greenzone provides a computer software driver performance scoring method to measure, monitor, and collect data of driving behavior and performance